Online Training:

What happens if I have questions during the online training, who do I ask2019-01-20T23:55:46+00:00

We understand you may have questions throughout the training. We’re here to help. Please visit our contact page which lists the different ways you can contact us at any stage for assistance.

Workshop Training:

Can I get physical copies of the workbooks?2019-01-20T23:55:22+00:00

Yes, you’re able to request physical copies of the workbook. Please visit our contact page to find out ways to contact us.

How do I register my interest for a workshop in my area?2019-01-20T23:54:47+00:00

We hope to be able to deliver Carer Coach workshops throughout Queensland. Currently we are gauging interest in workshops outside of South East Queensland. If you live outside of South East Queensland and would be interested in attending a Carer Coach workshop, please register your interest on our sign-up page.

What if I prefer to learn in a face-to-face workshop?2019-01-20T23:53:57+00:00

Carer Coach will be delivered through face-to-face workshops, booklets and online. We are currently delivering face-to-face workshops and have produced booklets.

Arafmi is running a range of Carer Coach workshops throughout South East Queensland. You can view any upcoming workshops on our sign-up page.

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